DISCLAIMER: While we hope this blog will be a way for friends and family to follow our adventures in France, we also intend for it to be a sort of diary of our trip. That said, there will be some minutiae contained herein which you may find totally irrelevant and completely boring. Please feel free to skip and just look at the pretty pictures.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day Two: Pictures Galore

Our first full day at the gite and since everything is closed on Sunday, we spent a perfectly lazy day soaking it all up.

Our gite is on the left; the open window is the master bedroom. The tower on the right has another bedroom and bathroom for visiting friends and family:

View from our bedroom:

View from our patio:

The tower:

Walnut tree with requisite swing:

View from the pool of the Maison de Maitre (owner's house):

Karen's vegetable garden. We have been invited to "profiter" from her hard work. Specifically, we have been politely ordered to help put a dent in her overabundant cucumber crop:

The cukes, as well as some green pepper, were featured in our salad this evening:

Even though it was a lazy day, we were involved in all sorts of glamorous activities like building mountains of stone:

Opening the door...

And closing the door... Several dozen times. An Eliza specialty.


And other such folly...

Our new pet:

Eliza ended the day by passing out mid-Fancy Nancy. They must be some fancy dreams...

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