DISCLAIMER: While we hope this blog will be a way for friends and family to follow our adventures in France, we also intend for it to be a sort of diary of our trip. That said, there will be some minutiae contained herein which you may find totally irrelevant and completely boring. Please feel free to skip and just look at the pretty pictures.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Adventure Awaits

On July 29th, we will leave our home in Bethesda to spend a month here:

We will be living about 5 km outside the medieval village of Sarlat, in south west France:

We have no idea what to expect. Will Kenny kick ass in the world champs? Will Alex survive a week alone with the girls? Will it be magical, maddening, or a little of both? Stay tuned to find out. In the meantime, here are some more pictures of where we will be gorging ourselves daily on bread, cheese, and wine:

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  1. Looks beautiful. Can't wait to hear all about it...