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Friday, August 5, 2011

Day Seven: Errands and a Special Visit

Another rainy day:

So I decided to take the girls out on my own to run errands. Kenny got some time alone in the house to savor the silence and sweep. First we went to the best bakery in town for bread and pastries; Eliza chose two pink macaroons and Samantha two beignets (french doughnuts):

The best part, however, was the French man watching me from his office as I parallel parked our station wagon into a very tight space. He gave me the universal "well-done" sign. Proud American moment:

Next, it was off to the grocery store looking quite fancy in our slickers:

Eliza felt the need to shed her rain gear and strutt her stuff for the patrons:

When she failed to get noticed, she resorted to banging on the glass:

Later that day, two very special guests arrived: Philippe and Marilyn Francois. When I was 15, I lived with them and their two daughters just outside Lyon as part of an exchange program. You could not imagine a more lovely family and it is so wonderful to see them again! We sat outside for awhile to catch up, which for me was much harder than I thought. Speaking French bit by bit in a store is not difficult; conversation is another beast altogether. That's okay, I thought, I'll just use my hands a lot. Maybe that will distract them from my terrible grammar.

Eliza looks on in disgust:

As they relax by the pool, I suddenly realize that I just asked them if they wanted to swim naked in the cheese:

Before dinner, Phillipe and the girls play in the garden with Forte:

Setting out one of the unbelievable delicious bottles of wine they brought us. Marilyn is from Bordeaux and this is one of her cousin's red wine from 2003.

I survey the magnificence. Deformed omelette with green peppers and mushrooms, salad with cucumber and red pepper. French bread and cheese. Generic grocery store cookies and Hello Kitty Pops for dessert. Yes. This meal can rival any of those they've had in their town of Lyon, the gastronomic capital of France. I done myself proud:

Samantha reflects on the meal that could've been, the meal that should've been. Biting her lip helps stop the tears, the pain, from flowing:

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