DISCLAIMER: While we hope this blog will be a way for friends and family to follow our adventures in France, we also intend for it to be a sort of diary of our trip. That said, there will be some minutiae contained herein which you may find totally irrelevant and completely boring. Please feel free to skip and just look at the pretty pictures.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day Twenty: Beynac and Aperitifs

Today we visited the 12th century castle, Chateau de Beynac:

Samantha sported this mood for the first 30 minutes of our visit:

Because every table needs sword storage:

Requisite drawbridge:

A kiss from my baby:

Once we got back, it was swimming and gimp time. Samantha taught the Chicago kids how to do box:

Finally, our lovely hosts invited all the gite guests over for an aperitif:

The American children mauled the guacamole and chips:

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