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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day Thirteen: Aquarium, Saint-Cyprien, and an English Lesson

This morning we bid Kenny farewell and the girls and I headed off to a town called Le Bugue which is home to the area's only, and therefore best, aquarium. Although it paled in comparison to Baltimore, the girls still had fun:

The ugly eel of the Dordogne:

This one little turtle kept trying to eat a bee, which appeared to sting or otherwise irritate him every time the turtle made a move. Amusing to watch...

Somehow these iguanas look proud of their laziness:

After the aquarium, we stopped in the perfectly charming village of Saint-Cyprien for lunch. There was a food and wine festival going on where merchants came from all over the region to sell their specialties. Samples abounded but I didn't think stopping for truffles and wine would appeal to the girls. And any momentary deviation from their plan of pizza and ice cream would turn ugly, so we kept it simple.

Toasting one another:

A lovely French woman offered to take our picture:

Eliza pranced down the street like she owned it:

After Saint-Cyprien, we went to the grocery store to get provisions and Eliza threw a full on tantrum. I felt I handled it with grace, ignoring her fit and stomaching the nasty stares of the locals. We did absolutely nothing today to improve their image of Americans. Sorry, friends. Once we got home, we cooled off in the pool:

Free Willy here belongs to one of the other families renting a cottage. The nice English mum saw Samantha looking at the floatie and asked her if she "would like to have a go at it." She repeated this three times, and each time Samantha looked at her blankly as if she were speaking Mandarin. I explained that "having a go" was not a familiar phrase to her. We all had a chuckle, exclaimed tally-ho, and returned to our tea and crumpets.

So, day one without Kenny was pretty much a success. Only six more to go. And of course, stay tuned for updates on the orienteer extraordinaire, who by the way, made it safely to Aix-les-Bains.

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