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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day Five: Rain and Chateau de Fenelon

It was a rainy morning and before we ventured out, I ran to the famous Sarlat market (which runs Wednesday and Saturdays) around 8:30am before it got too crowded, just to get a peek:

Vendors were still setting up although I was able to grab a baguette and some ridiculously expensive nougat that was totally worth it. Here is a shot of the main drag, just on the edge of the "old" town:

Since the weather was icky, we thought it would be a good day for a less princessy, more somber castle. We drove 15 minutes to Chateau de Fenelon, a typical medieval castle, complete with fortification walls and windy paths. Kenny explained all the strategerie to me, including places that would be perfect for pouring hot oil on riff-raff...

I wanted to show the family the town I had discovered the day before, Domme, so we went there for lunch and perusing. Samantha picked up a cross bow with the greatest of ease. Thanks, Valley Mill.

Once we got back home, Kenny went off to train in the woods (I got him a trail map so he would stay off the crazy roads) so I took the girls to the pool. Kenny has spent the past few days working his magic on Eliza, who has shown much trepidation when it comes to swimming in the pool, even with floaties. Thanks to his hard work, I got to read for an hour while the girls entertained themselves.

Eliza, a la francaise...
After dinner, it was time to play with Forte, the owners' adorable dog. He loves to chew pine cones so the girls ran between our garden and the main garden, bringing as many as they could find:

Eliza, ever thoughtful, ripped a leg off her Barbie for variety's sake. Forte is apparently not a leg man:

Samantha, still bummed we didn't go to Spain instead, is doing some of Matador dance:

Forte was not amused:

The night ended with a swing:

And watching half a dozen hot air balloons float by...

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