DISCLAIMER: While we hope this blog will be a way for friends and family to follow our adventures in France, we also intend for it to be a sort of diary of our trip. That said, there will be some minutiae contained herein which you may find totally irrelevant and completely boring. Please feel free to skip and just look at the pretty pictures.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day Eleven: Down Day

In light of recent orneriness, we opted for a low key day. Since chilling is Kenny's specialty, I left for a few hours to run errands while he did his thing with the girls. Sporting their new cowbells (gifts from Greg and Carol), they colored...

And ran wild still wearing the bells, which mysteriously disappeared later in the day:

Later Kenny taught Samantha how to braid gimp. He has become quite the domestic diva of late:

Then there was some Forte play:

Next it was off to the Dordogne version of the Zoo. It's actually a relatively new animal preserve for endangered species. Very well run and seems to have the animals' best interests at heart:

All along the way, there are beautiful quotes from philosophers, naturalists, etc. This one loosely translates to: If we feel completely at ease in nature, it is because she has no opinion of us"

Other ones were not so easy to translate, no matter how long I stared at them...

Some up close and personal lemur action:

A series of doors that you must close before you open the next ensures that the lemurs do not escape. This one was a little wiley, but fortunately there was a crunchy French woman who came to the rescue and shooed him back in:

Lemurs in love:

Some of the animals were stinky:

Samantha discovers her cousin in a window:

"Ah Samantha! It eez you! After all these years!"

Don't worry; the monkeys don't live in this house. It's one shelter in a huge area where they roam free. In fact, they were up to some serious monkey business in the trees. Quite amusing. You can see Eliza's reflection in this one:

At the end, we got to vote for our favorite animal. Each vote gives that animal a portion of the proceeds from the visit, which was not cheap.

After that, it was back home for pool, dinner, and ping pong. More tomorrow! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD!! :)

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