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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day Six: Perigueux and Sparkly Gardens

This morning we ventured a bit farther than we had before, about an hour away to a large town called Perigueux, which is the capital of the province we are staying in. Kenny took the girls for lunch while I did some shopping...Not sure I left him much of a choice since I jumped out of our moving car when I spotted Monoprix.

This is one of the utterly charming narrow streets in Perigueux:

Entering the 12th century church with the ladies in tow:

Holding our necessities: ice cream and clothes pour les petites (and some for me as well):

My lovely daughter shares her ice cream in France. Must figure out how to replicate this behavior back in the States:

After Perigueux, we came back to our gite, the girls swam while Kenny ran, and then we were off to gardens of Marqueyssac. An enormous garden high on a cliff, overlooking the Dordogne valley below, Marqueyssac stays open until midnight on Thursdays in the summer for candlelit walks, picnics and mini-concerts. We arrived around opening (7pm) so we could see as much as possible before the girls crashed:

A very nice English man offered to take our picture:

The gardens are extremely kid friendly. After walking on winding paths for awhile, we found a children's mini-labyrinth:

The girls made themselves quite at home:

This open area about halfway up was getting set-up for a concert:

The rockstars stopping on a rock for a rest. Besides a little complaining, the girls were amazing. There was a LOT of walking, mostly uphill:

So excited to see more hot air balloons:

As we were staring at the one in the distance, we heard gasps from the people around us and looked up to find this one literally right over our head:

Quickly joined by a few more:

Next we found a tree house:

And then a playground:

Finally, we reached the very top:

Kenny helping the girls with the telescope:

We made our way back down to the main terrace:

Complete with pianist:

And his friend, the peacock (on the right):

The girls were totally exhausted so we couldn't stay to see the full effect of candles everywhere, but it didn't matter. We had the most incredible time, and the sunset was gorgeous:

Another peacock:

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